Grouper eats 4ft shark in one bite

Goliath grouper eating a black tip shark in one bite off the coast of Bonita Springs Florida. August 2014.



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Great White Attacks REMUS SharkCam

 In 2013, a team from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution took a specially equipped REMUS “SharkCam” underwater vehicle to Guadalupe Island in Mexico to film great white sharks in the wild. They captured more than they bargained for.


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Svalbard: hardt klima Lyser Fordrivelse av de trengende

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9 juli 2014
NY Times

Stille og isolert Den norske Longyearbyen på Svalbard er stolt av sine krimfrie gater. Beboere, derimot, er pålagt å bære våpen når de våge utenfor byen for å avverge isbjørn. Credit Kyrre Lien for The New York Times
LONGYEARBYEN, Norge Som guvernør i Norge nordligste territorium, kommandoer Odd Olsen Ingerø en politistyrke med bare seks offiserer og en enkelt forvaring celle for et område dobbelt så stort som New Jersey. Selv det er overkill: Ingen har blitt låst opp her i hovedstaden på Svalbard siden i fjor sommer. Og det var for bare to dager.Det er ikke bare at det er ikke mange folk færre enn 3000 er offisielt registrert som beboere eller at det er andre steder kjøre-of-the-mill forbrytelser som bil tyveri er en eksotisk og svært risikofylt virksomhet på et sted hvor det ikke finnes veiene ut av byen for å slippe unna .

Nøkkelen til Svalbards status som trolig Europas nærmeste en forbrytelse fritt samfunn, ifølge guvernøren, er at arbeidsledigheten er i realiteten ulovlig. Hvis du ikke har en jobb, kan du ikke leve her,” Mr. Ingerø sa, og bemerker at jobless blir raskt deportert. Pensjonister blir sendt bort, også, med mindre de kan bevise at de har tilstrekkelige midler til å forsørge seg selv.

Selv styrt av Norge, et land som er stolt av å kunne tilby vuggetilgrav statlig støtte for sine trengende borgere, Svalbard, en øygruppe i det høye Arktis, omfavner en modell som er nærmere visjonen om Ayn Rand enn den skandinaviske norm for sjenerøs beskyttelse velferd.

Selv Longyearbyens sosialistisk ordfører, Christin Kristoffersen, medlem i Arbeiderpartiet, ønsker byen oppkalt etter en amerikansk industri, John Munro Longyear, som grunnla den i 1906 å holde utenfor grensene til alle, men den fullbefarne og lønnet arbeid.

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Svalbard: A Harsh Climate Calls for Banishment of the Needy

JULY 9, 2014
NY Times

QUIET AND ISOLATED The Norwegian town of Longyearbyen in Svalbard prides itself on its crime-free streets. Residents, however, are required to carry weapons when they venture outside of town to fend off polar bears. Credit Kyrre Lien for The New York Times

LONGYEARBYEN, Norway — As governor of Norway’s northernmost territory, Odd Olsen Ingero commands a police force with just six officers and a single detention cell for an area twice the size of New Jersey. Even that is overkill: Nobody has been locked up here in the capital of Svalbard since last summer. And that was for just two days.

It is not just that there are not many people — fewer than 3,000 are officially registered as residents — or that what are elsewhere run-of-the-mill crimes like car theft are an exotic and very risky business in a place where there are no roads out of town to escape on.

The key to Svalbard’s status as probably Europe’s closest thing to a crime-free society, according to the governor, is that unemployment is in effect illegal. “If you don’t have a job, you can’t live here,” Mr. Ingero said, noting that the jobless are swiftly deported. Retirees are sent away, too, unless they can prove they have sufficient means to support themselves.

Although governed by Norway, a country that prides itself on offering cradle-to-grave state support for its needy citizens, Svalbard, an archipelago of islands in the high Arctic, embraces a model that is closer to the vision of Ayn Rand than the Scandinavian norm of generous welfare protection.

Even Longyearbyen’s socialist mayor, Christin Kristoffersen, a member of the Labour Party, wants the town — named after an American industrialist, John Munro Longyear, who founded it in 1906 — to stay off limits to all but the able-bodied and gainfully employed.

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Typhoon Neoguri Weakens 0n Track Toward Kyushu Island

By Jacob Adelman and Brian K. Sullivan
Bloomberg  Jul 8, 2014

Japanese Typhoon July 2014, Typhoon Neoguri, Typhoon East China Sea, Typhoon skirts Okinawa, Jim Caldwell Redondo Beach

Typhoon Neoguri weakened as it moved north into the East China Sea, skirting Japan’s Okinawa Prefecture, grounding flights and forcing some residents to flee for emergency shelters.

Neoguri’s top winds dropped to 195 kilometers (121 miles) per hour, down from 204 kph earlier, the U.S. Navy’s Joint Typhoon Warning Center said in an advisory at 11 a.m. New York time. The storm was about 700 kilometers southwest of Sasebo, Japan, on track to Kyushu Island.

“I expect steady weakening, with Neoguri making landfall as a strong tropical storm or as a Category 1 typhoon” by 8 p.m. tomorrow, New York time, said Jeff Masters, co-founder of Weather Underground in Ann Arbor, Michigan. “Heavy rains causing major flooding will be the main concern, due to saturated soils on Kyushu caused by very heavy rains since Thursday from a stalled front.”

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A Deep Dive Into New Scuba Tech

By Vivian Wagner

dive computers,  iGills, a system that with an app and a waterproof case turns an iPhone into a dive computer

“There is always going to be some hesitation to putting your phone in a housing and taking it underwater, but as more and more are diving with iGills, it is just becoming the new normal,” said Amphibian Labs President Matt Weakly. “The system is very easy to use and reliable. We are able to control and limit what the phone platform is trying to do while diving.”

The right diving gear makes all the difference. Here’s what’s trending in underwater technologies.

Scuba divers always have relied on gear that lets the essentially fragile, air-dependent human body descend into oceanic depths. While air tanks, regulators, buoyancy control devices and dive computers have been around for years, digital technologies are altering how they function, how they’re used, and how well they work.

Taking the Plunge

One recent innovation is iGills, a system that with an app and a waterproof case turns an iPhone into a dive computer.

“The inspiration for iGills came from a love of diving and looking for opportunities to enhance the diving experience,” Matt Weakly, president of iGills developer Amphibian Labs, told TechNewsWorld. “We use smartphones for everything else, and their computing power far exceeds that of any dedicated dive computer. It was a natural fit to leverage smartphones for this application.”

The system — which soon will expand into the Android market — makes use of the phone as a computer to provide vital information to the diver. It also taps into the phone’s other functions.

“While you dive, the system continuously gathers data about the environment and provides full dive computer functionality through the smartphone screen,” explained Weakly. “Additionally, the system allows divers to take photos and video, creates a feature-rich dive log, and provides auxiliary features such as a digital compass and flashlight.”

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Jim Caldwell Redondo Beach


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5 best diving spots to warm your bones

Lyn Mettler
February 7, 2014

Plunge the Depths of Palau,  5 best diving spots to warm your bones

Plunge the Depths of Palau

[…In] the Western Pacific is the remote island of Palau, part of the Rock Islands and nicknamed “Rainbow’s End” because it’s so far away. It is not easy to get to, as you have to fly from Asia, but Palau is very much worth the hassle. Like Bonaire, its average temperature year round is 82 degrees, and it’s been named one of the underwater wonders of the world, as well as one of the world’s last Edens, by National Geographic.

In Palau, divers and snorkelers will find drop-offs, shallow reefs and channels beneath the sea. Reef walls in Palau team with marine life, schools of fish, old growth coral gardens and hidden marine lakes. Don’t miss snorkeling in Jellyfish Lake, an enclosed body of water filled with jellyfish that have lost their sting.

If navigating this far-off land sounds a bit overwhelming, consider traveling with a tour operator like Wilderness Travel, which offers a snorkeling and kayaking trip to Palau. On the 11-day trip, stay at luxury resorts on white sand beaches as well as several nights at a full-service campsite with fresh cooked meals and opportunities for stargazing. The tour includes plenty of snorkeling at key sites like Jellyfish Lake and the Big Drop-Off (a sheer wall plunging 1000 feet deep), a visit to a secluded lake surrounded by 300-foot rock walls and kayaking through a mangrove forest.

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