Palau’s Top Dive Spots

With scuba diving and snorkeling sites counting at well over 100, the beauty and depth of experiences drew Jacques Cousteau to Palau regularly.  Dive experience range from the great walls, blue holes, coral reefs, wrecks, caverns and to the amazing envelopment by sea life.  By the 1960s, Cousteau proclaimed the The Big Drop-Off to be the best wall dive in the world.

The Blue Corner
The Blue Holes
The New Drop-Off

The Ngemelis Wall – Big Drop-Off
Chandelier Cave
The German Channel
Jellyfish Lake
The Peleliu Express
The Ulong Channel
The Saies Tunnel
Wreck Diving in Palau: the Iro Maru and her sister ship the Sata
Wreck Diving Spots in Palau (continued)

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