Scuba Diving in Palau

Palau Rock Islands, Palau Dive Adventures, Chris Lubba

Photo by Chris Lubba
Palau Dive Adventures

Palau scuba diving and snorkeling offers the diversity, simplicity and complexity that rewards beginning divers through the most experienced.  With an abundance of food  or the protection of the seemingly limitless number of coral reefs, vivid in an almost electric neon color, the water teams with a vast diversity of aquatic life; some so rare that one only finds them in Palau.  The landscapes above and below the water create a depth of experience so unique that they will only be found in these waters.  Palau’s scuba diving is so unusually spectacular that it led CEDAM to name Palau as one of the Seven Wonders of the Underwater World.

With scuba diving and snorkeling sites counting at well over 100, the beauty and depth of experiences drew Jacques Cousteau to  Palau regularly.  Dive experience range from the great walls, blue holes, coral reefs, wrecks, caverns and to the amazing envelopment by sea life.  By the 1960s, Cousteau proclaimed the Ngemelis Wall, or The Big Drop-Off, to be the best wall dive in the world.

Palau Dive Boat Ride

Photo by Jim Caldwell, Redondo Beach

With air temperatures relatively constant between 70 and 85 degrees year round and water temps ranging between 70 and 80s, Palau’s weather is near perfect for year round diving.  Visibility seems to majestically go forever.  But as a diver you are looking for a real range.  Unless disturbed by a wet season monsoon, visibility by and large runs from 60 feet to over 200.

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