Other things you need to know for kayaking and snorkeling in Palau

The Fees for Kayaking: While there are no direct costs for camping on the Rock Islands, there is an activity permit fee for doing anything on the island.  This is a 10 day permit that costs $25 without a visit to Jellyfish Lake and $35 with a visit.  (Once you have bought the permit without the inclusion of Jellyfish Lake, you must pay the full Jellyfish Lake fee of $35 if you decide to go.)  The permit is generally available from most kayak and dive operators.  You may also purchase the permit directly from the Ranger’s Office in Downtown Koror.

A fishing permit is required for any visitor fishing.  No fishing or fishing gear is allowed within 100 yards of many of the major dive site areas,  For more specific information, see the official guidelines above.

For a complete list of official guidelines, Palau islands map and descriptions of the different districts, Click Here.

A high level punch list for the things you need:

  • Your Itinerary
  • Maps
  • Tide Chart and locations subject to tide and current issues
  • Logistics, Food and Water (approximately 1 gallon of water per person per day)
  • First Aid, Knife
  • Sleeping (Tent)
  • Cooking and Cooking Oil, Cooking and Eating Utensils,  Tiki Lights and Oil

Remember you are kayaking and your kayak only carries so much.  You can rent most of the equipment you need from almost any of the PADI scuba diving equipment or kayaking shops.  They will provide you with there standard list.  I suggest you go through it to make sure you have everything you need.  You will also need to make advance reservation.  When checking the equipment out, make sure you have gone through the list and all the equipment and maps are included.  Don’t assume they have included everything on the list.

Last thing on your list: have a great and safe trip!
Jim Caldwell,
Redondo Beach, CA