The Beaches and the Seas of Palau

Protected by its outer reef structure, Palau and many of her islands are saved from the natural ocean forces that create sandy beaches.  But finding a deserted stretch of beautiful beach is not that hard on the outer islands of Palau.  On the Koror, there are few very nice beaches, particularly the one at Palau Pacific Resort.

When you find a sandy beach, you have found something close to Heaven.  The water is all around you, and, so are the views.  To sum Palau up, it is tropical paradise.  The water in tropic blue, the weather an almost constant perfection of 80 degrees.

Rock Islands

Sailboat anchored in a Palau harbor.

Sea Sprite Hotel

Finding a place right on the water, like the Sea Sprite Hotel, just adds to your Palau experience. The friendly staff and the small beach is perfect. The Sea Sprite is a small quiet place, with its own beach just minutes away from Palau Dive Adventures.

Palau Dive Boat Ride

Photos by Jim Caldwell, Redondo Beach