Wreck Diving in Palau (continued)

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With well over 100 dive sites in Palau, it would be hard to cover all of them.  Here is a brief description of seven other famous Palau dive and snorkeling sites.


Date Lost



Amatsu Maru

Mar 31, ‘44

Malakal Anchorage An oil tanker measuring just over 500’, this is one of the largest wrecks in Micronesia resting at 125 feet.  Nicknamed the Black Coral for all the black coral that adorns the structure, the ship has had a fair amount of damage to it from either the bombing or salvage efforts after the war.
Bichu Maru

Mar 30, ‘44

Rock Islands Army cargo ship sunk by torpedo on the number two forward hold.  The ship now lays on its port side.  All the holds are empty.  The ship is over 350’ in length at approximately 30’ of depth.
Chuyo Maru

Apr 1, ‘44

Off Koror A coastal freighter just under 300 feet in length and resting at about 120 feet, still has much of its structural components “intact”.  The wreck is nicknamed the Lionfish for all the lionfish surrounding the ship.
Helmet Wreck

Mar 30, ‘44

Malakal Harbor Relatively small cargo vessel about 200’ in length.  The depth varies as the stern sits at about 50’ feet and the bow at about 110’.  This wreck offers one of the more bountiful views of cargo with 4 zeke engines, lanterns, wire, sake containers.  It is also known as the Depth Charge Wreck.
Jake Seaplane


No. Meyun Isl. The plane was originally designed for long range reconnaissance and at the end of the war used for dive bombing.  The plane is approximately 35 feet in length at approximately 50’ of water.  The plane offers some great pictures since much is still “intact” and the clarity of the water.
Teshio Maru

Mar 1944

Rael Edeng Reef Teshio, an army cargo, was disable on a reef at the end of March, 1944.  It took a couple of years before it finally slipped to its current resting point at around 75 feet.  Since the ship was disabled in an ideal place.  Combining the lighting surrounding the ship with the beautiful coral offers photogenic dives in Palau.
USS Perry

Sep 13, ‘44

Angaur A destroyer on mine patrol before the Peleliu insurgency struck a mine which ended up splitting the ship apart.  The ship sunk in approximately 240’ of water.  Its length measured at just over 300’.  The depth of the ship has left it in almost ‘perfect’ condition.  The depth, however, makes this a ‘technical’ dive and experienced divers.

A couple of points worth repeating: as with any dive site, please respectfully leave the wreck sites as-is so others can enjoy what you have seen; and, please make sure not disturb any of the ordinance since age and water conditions have made the ordinance unstable and highly susceptible to exploding.

Hope you enjoy Palau’s  dives as much as I did.

Jim Caldwell
Redondo Beach


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