Where to stay in Palau

Since there are so many factors that can influence whether a stay on a vacation is pleasurable, a good value, the condition of the accommodations, the staff, the ambiance, the guests and one’s own expectations, I provide an assortment of places to help narrow your choice before checking reviews on Palau’s lodging choices.  I broke Palau’s hotels and motels down into different categories based on their offerings and price.

Palau Pacific Resort - A Review by Jim Caldwell Redondo Beach

Palau Pacific Resort
Photo by Jim Caldwell

I have reviewed the Palau Pacific Resort for those looking for one of the best resorts on Palau.  Click here.

Jim Caldwell

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Places to stay in Palau


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Airai View & Resort - Jim CaldwellAirai View Hotel & Spa
70 Rooms
Set on a private white sand beach, this hotel is in Airai, within the vicinity of Asahi Stadium and National Stadium. Regional attractions also include Rock Islands and Capitol Building.

The Carolines Resort - Jim Caldwell Redondo BeachThe Carolines Resort
8 Rooms
Bungalow style resort is situated on a hilltop in the middle of Arakabesang Island. Features seven bungalows with their own balcony with spectacular views and private beach access.

Carp Island Resort  -  Jim Caldwell Redondo BeachCarp Island Resort
17 Rooms
Located in Palau’s Rock Islands, Carp Island Resort is covered with lush forest and located only minutes away from the most famous dive sites.

Palau Pacific Resort - Jim Caldwell Redondo BeachPalau Pacific Resort
My review, click here.
160 Rooms
The Palau Pacific Resort is a luxury resort sitting on 64 acres of lush tropical gardens, incredible ocean views, great amenities and decorated in an island motif.

Palau Plantation Resort  - Jim Caldwell Redondo BeachPalau Plantation Resort
20 Rooms
Palau Plantation Resort sits on a hillside within a tropical jungle offering traditional-styled cabins, cottages, and villas.

Palau Royal Resort  -  Jim Caldewell Redondo BeachPalau Royal Resort
(A Nikko International Hotel)
160 Rooms
Situated on its own private beach, Palau Royal offers ocean views from every room with  full amenities of one would expect from a resort.

Papago International Resort - Jim Caldwell Redondo BeachPapago International Resort
99 Rooms
Papago International Resort Palau is situated in the middle of Koror.  The hotel is designed as an eco-friendly facility with a restaurant and other onsite entertainment activities.

Sea Passion Hotel, cheap hotels in palau, accommodation palauSea Passion Hotel
70 rooms
Located on a lagoon close to Sam’s Tours, the Sea Passion Hotel offers very nice accommodations with a friendly staff.

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cocoro hotelCocoro Hotel
16 Rooms
Cocoro Hotel, in Koror, is a frequent stop for Japanese tourists.  The hotel has an onsite bar and restaurant for the budget minded.

Green Bay Hotel Palau, cheap hotels in palau, accommodation palauGreen Bay Hotel
With hillside to ocean views, the Green Bay resides a decent distance outside of Koror.  Rooms are clean, affordable and with wifi.  (The Green Bay’s web site is currently under construction…again.)

Landmark Marina
Located on Koror’s Southwest corner, the hotel is dockside in a lagoon.  Most of the Landmark Marina’s rooms offer scenic views.  The Landmark also offers an upscale restaurant with panoramic views.

Palau Marina Hotel -  Jim Caldwell, cheap hotels in palau, accommodation palauPalau Marina Hotel
28 Rooms
Palau Marina Hotel offers simple accommodations at reasonable prices for those more concerned about diving than expensive amenities.  The hotel has the Southern Cross Restaurant.

Palasia Hotel Palau
165 Rooms
Located in the heart of Palau’s business district, the Palasia Hotel offers mid-scale accommodations.

The Penthouse Hotel
24 Rooms
The Penthouse Hotel is within walking distance of many restaurants, shopping and markets in Central Koror.

VIP Guest Hotel - Jim Caldwell Redondo Beach, cheap hotels in palau, accommodation palauVIP Guest Hotel
22 Rooms
The VIP Guest Hotel is located in the heart of Koror and its business district.  Reasonably priced hotel with satisfactory accommodations.

Waterfront Villas - Jim Caldwell Redondo Beach, cheap hotels in palau, accommodation palauWaterfront Villa
Located on Koror’s northern part of the island, the Waterfront Villa offers apartment and “style” rooms with kitchens.  The Waterfront also caters to many longer term stays.

West Plaza Hotels Palau - Jim Caldwell Redondo Beach, cheap hotels in palau, accommodation palau

West Plaza Hotels
West Plaza has five hotels on the Islands

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DW Motel Palau, Where to stay in Palua, Palau hotels, Palau lodging, Jim Caldwell Redondo Beach, cheap hotels in palau, accommodation palauDW Motel
17 Rooms
Renovated in 2013, the DW Motel offers nice accommodations for the budget conscious.  DW has a shared kitchen and is 10 minute walk to shopping and restaurants.

Guest Lodge Motel - Jim Caldwell Redondo Beach, cheap hotels in palau, accommodation palauGuest Lodge Motel
12 Rooms
The Guest Lodge Motel is for the budget minded.   Rooms are clean.

King's Motel & Apartments PalauKing’s Motel & Apartments
15 Rooms
King’s Motel is an economy motel.

Lehn's HotelLehn’s Motel & Apartments
25 Rooms
Inexpensive accommodations at Lehn’s Motel.   5 minute walk into town.

New Koror Hotel - Jim Caldwell Redondo Beach, cheap hotels in palau, accommodation palauNew Koror Hotel
22 Rooms
New Koror Hotel is a budget conscious hotel in the heart of the city.

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M & A Riverside Bungalows - Jim Caldwell Redondo BeachM & A Riverside Beach Bungalows

Palau Beach Bungalows

Storyboard Beach Resort - Jim Caldwell Redondo BeachStoryboard Beach Resort

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Beautiful Meyuns Condominiums - Jim Caldwell Redondo BeachBeautiful Meyuns Condominiums

Gateway Lodgings

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