Palau Travel and Dive Photolog by Jim Caldwell

Aerial shot of Rock Islands in Palau

Whether you are a scuba diver, kayaker or the interested traveler, Jim Caldwell’s Palau Travel and Dive Photolog web site is an amazing resource into what CEDAM named as one of the Seven Wonders of the Underwater World, Palau.  With both a brevity and completeness, the site captures the essence and beauty of what draws so many water and nature enthusiasts to the experience of their lifetime.  Palau is so amazing that Jacques Cousteau proclaimed it as one of the world’s best places to dive.

Palau Black Tip Reef SharkPalau Travel and Dive Photolog not only offers extensive coverage of most of the major dive sites (The Blue Corner, The Blue Holes, The New Drop-Off, The Ngemelis Wall – Big Drop-Off, Chandelier Cave, The German Channel, Jellyfish Lake, The Peleliu Express, The Ulong Channel, The Saies Tunnel), to name just a few), but has the depth and breadth of topics to answer almost any question on Palau.  Looking for a place to stay, check out the places to stay page in Palau.  It provides a detailed list of places defined by service, quality and price.  Recommendations on places to eat in Palau?  Check out Jim’s page of recommendations.

Dive picture looking through the fish in PalauPalau Travel and Dive Photolog offers a pretty thorough summary of the history and culture of Palau, including the Battle of Peleliu.  There is even a page on what you need to know about traveling to Palau.

Checkout Palau Travel and Dive Photolog and explorer the world’s best scuba diving and kayaking.  If you are looking for:

    • The world’s best dive sites
    • The world’s best drift diving
    • The world’s best wall diving
    • The world’s best diving with sharks
    • The world’s best diving with mantas
    • The world’s best diving with Pelagics
    • The world’s best diving with soft and hard corals

visit Palau!

via Palau Travel and Dive Photolog by Jim Caldwell.

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