Palau’s Blue Holes

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Slightly beyond the Blue Corner lies another one of Palau’s most popular scuba dive sites, the Blue Holes.  A large cavern house the Holes below a reef extending from the Blue Corner to the Ngemelis Wall.  Four holes open to the top, as well as two to the sides of the large cavern.  Like giant aqua blue spotlights, the four holes beam light thru to a chamber that would live in the darkness without them.  The cavern views upward provide ample opportunities for some amazing shots.

“When you enter the cavern at the Blue Holes it
is ridiculously easy to get to a depth deeper
than you plan simply due to the awe of the
cavern and the incredible combination
from the beams of sunlight and and how
they refract against the stunning azure waters.
It feels like we were floating somewhere
in outer-space.”

Jim Caldwell, Redondo Beach CA

At the north end of the cavern sits an entrance to a cave called the Temple of Doom.  Cave diving and currents suggest going with someone experienced with caves.

Like sentries guarding a medieval castle, barracuda, tuna and snapper patrol the entrances to the cavern.  The wall itself is adorned with just about every coral native to the area.  This may be one of a vacation’s best dives.


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