Where to eat in Palau

Palau restaurant reviews?  Hmm…First, I eat really healthy.  Second, I don’t eat beef or lamb so that is rather limiting for the average reader.

With that said, the places I like are:

  • The Taj (good Indian food)
  • Bern Ermii (great burger stand…chicken sandwich is great)
  • Kramer’s Cafe at Pirate’s Cove (international and Pacific food)…The fresh fish is incredibly delicious, caught by the owner/chef every day…to complement your meal try one of the cocktail creations, such as the hibiscus mohito…you may even want to try two.
  • The Bottom Time Bar & Grill at Sam’s Tours is another great spot.  Set up originally for their customers, they also welcome walk-ins.  The food is very good!  The beer is amazing, and the atmosphere casual,warm and friendly.
  • Suriyothai (excellent Thai and nice restaurant)
  • Furusato (combination of Japanese, Filipino and American)
  • The Jungle Bar (Asian, Palauan…has great tapioca cake).
  • The Rock Island Café is also good but since they allow smoking I will usually take a pass.

One thing most people really like are the burgers at the burger stands in Koror.   Great value, too.

I also have a little review on the restaurant at Palau Pacific Resort.  Click here.

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