Scuba Diver Greeted Face to Face by Friendly Seal

This scuba diver wins the official seal of approval.

Jamie Gallacher, 15, was on his very first dive off the coast of Isle of Man, located between Northern Ireland and England, when a seal got up close and personal, greeting him face to face and wrapping his fins around Jamie’s legs.

The encounter happened during a dive close to the Calf of Man.  “He began tugging on my fins and began to climb up me, being very close at the time,” Jamie.  “You don’t expect to see a seal like that, but once I got to know him really, he wasn’t that scary or intimidating.”

Despite Jamie’s gently tapping him away, the underwater animal kept coming back for more.

Diving instructor Michelle Haywood, who had her underwater camera to capture the moment, said: “We often come across seals but for one to come this close and want to stay around for so long, is unusual. It was amazing.”  The total encounter was about 10 to 15 minutes.



Jim Caldwell Redondo Beach

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