5 best diving spots to warm your bones

Lyn Mettler
February 7, 2014

Plunge the Depths of Palau,  5 best diving spots to warm your bones

Plunge the Depths of Palau

[…In] the Western Pacific is the remote island of Palau, part of the Rock Islands and nicknamed “Rainbow’s End” because it’s so far away. It is not easy to get to, as you have to fly from Asia, but Palau is very much worth the hassle. Like Bonaire, its average temperature year round is 82 degrees, and it’s been named one of the underwater wonders of the world, as well as one of the world’s last Edens, by National Geographic.

In Palau, divers and snorkelers will find drop-offs, shallow reefs and channels beneath the sea. Reef walls in Palau team with marine life, schools of fish, old growth coral gardens and hidden marine lakes. Don’t miss snorkeling in Jellyfish Lake, an enclosed body of water filled with jellyfish that have lost their sting.

If navigating this far-off land sounds a bit overwhelming, consider traveling with a tour operator like Wilderness Travel, which offers a snorkeling and kayaking trip to Palau. On the 11-day trip, stay at luxury resorts on white sand beaches as well as several nights at a full-service campsite with fresh cooked meals and opportunities for stargazing. The tour includes plenty of snorkeling at key sites like Jellyfish Lake and the Big Drop-Off (a sheer wall plunging 1000 feet deep), a visit to a secluded lake surrounded by 300-foot rock walls and kayaking through a mangrove forest.

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