Bloomberg: Giant Clam Feeds Palau Legislator Thanks to U.S. Gifts

By Mike Di Paola – Jul 30, 2012

I was sitting in a 16-foot skiff with Governor Thomas Patris of the state of Hatohobei, Palau, anchored over Helen Reef. While the governor talked about a new agreement his community has made with OneReef, a U.S. conservation group, Hatohobei Congressman Wayne Andrew was spear-fishing below us.

“We agree to protect the reef and maintain it,” said Patris, who represents about 200 people in this remote corner of the western Pacific, a little north of the equator and about 1,000 kilometers east of the Philippines. “So that when our children grow up, they will see the same thing that we saw: an abundance of coral, turtles and plants.”

Giant Clam Feeds Palau Legislator Thanks to U.S. Gifts - Bloomberg News

Onereef, based in Santa Cruz, California, has brokered an agreement between North American benefactors and the Hatohobei community to help finance reef protection. The terms are modest: $35,000 a year for 20 years, with the potential to renew. In return, the Palauans agree to establish no-take or catch limits, monitor the reef and keep the community informed and engaged.

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